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Welcome To Faust's Home Page.
FAUST THE MAGICIAN, The Last of the Great Masters of Magic, who presented The World's Greatest Mystery Spectacle, with his own Company of up to 24 dancers, showgirls, and stage assistants, prior to selling his show in 2007. 

This Web-site is to provide information about the life and work of FAUST THE MAGICIAN.

Here you will find details of his show that toured the theatres in Japan seven times, photographs, press reviews, the biography of the man behind the magic of FAUST, and read of the evolution of Faust the Magician, also well known in the magic world in his real name: GRANVILLE TAYLOR.  In 2007, Granville Taylor sold all his equipment in rented storage to a buyer in Spain, Rodney James Piper, an English magician based in Salou, near Barcelona. In 2008 he sold his entire collection of equipment made by the late John Martin as one lot to a buyer in the U.S.A., Dr.Randall Wolf, and in 2009 he sold all the stage costumes, black velvet drapes, and scenic cloths as one lot to Pendle Hippodrome Theatre in Colne, Lancashire, with the exception of a few stage costumes previously sold to buyers in the U.K., Germany, and the U.S.A.

For details of all the tricks, illusions, close-up magic boxes, memorabilia, magic books, DVD's, Faust posters etc., still for sale, visit: www.faustsmagicinstore.com and  www.taylormademagic.co.uk.


His catalogue of Magic, TAYLOR-MADE MAGIC, can be seen at:   www.freewebs.com/taylormademagic

For the Magic Historian:  www.freewebs.com/engagements1945on



It must have been an omen of things to come, because Granville Taylor was born in Nelson, Lancashire, within sight of Pendle Hill, famous for the Lancashire Witches. His uncle was Arthur Nash, a very good amateur magician who would have been a juggler but for getting shrapnel in his arm in the first World War. His juggling partner went on to become the world famous hat juggler STETSON. Whilst Stetson was teaching his son and daughter to be jugglers, Granville's uncle was teaching him to be a magician. Stetson's son became a juggler of international repute as WOODROW, and years later Granville and Woodrow met again whilst on the same bill at 'Le Sexy' nightclub in Paris in 1962.
Granville taylor has spent some time in the last 12-months helping Dr Edwin Dawes with research for a book about Cecil Lyle - "The Magical Milliner" -who made his debut in 1912 with a highly successful and original act, and after an absence from the stage in the 1920's, returned with a more elaborate illusion act in the 1930's, culminating in his "Cavalcade of Mystery" show from 1941 until his death in 1955. Dr.Dawes has finished the manuscript, and now, in July 2005, the book has been published by Mike Caveney in the U.S.A.

Watch this space for further details.

A Granville Taylor Publication.  "JOHN MARTIN.  The Master Magical Mechanic.  A Genius at Work."  By Granville Taylor.  A limited edition of 250 copies, each one numbered and signed by the author.  105 pages, including 24 pages in full colour, with over 100 colour photographs, plus 10 workshop plans of some of the Martin replicas made by the author.  The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with red Rexine cardboard covers.  Price:  £60.00.  U.K. postage and packing:  £5.50.  Airmail:  £12.00.  Send an email for a 'flyer'.

Granville Taylor's e-mail address:


Welcome to Faust's Home Page.

On this Web-site you will find more additional photographs and information, to supplement that which is provided on FAUST's official Web-site.

The contents will change from time to time, as new TAYLOR-MADE MAGIC products become available.

Latest Publication:  "The Evolution of Faust".  The Autobiography of Granville Taylor. It's all here!  At last!  The true facts!  A limited edition of 250 copies, each one numbered and signed by the author.  276 pages, including 40 pages in full colour, with 200 photographs.  The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with red Rexine cardboard covers.  Price: 45.00 plus U.K. postage of 6.00.  U.S.A. Airmail postage: 14.50.  Europe: 7.50.

Send for flyer: taylormademagic@yahoo.co.uk.

The World-Famous
Three Card Trick

With a Lady as the "Queen of Hearts".
The old racecourse swindle as a magician sees it! A challenge to your wits! Positively the most amazing illusion ever conceived.

Invented and performed originally by "AMAC", and then by THE GREAT LYLE.

FAUST THE MAGICIAN has owned the sole performing rights throughout the world since he bought the equipment from Lucille Lyle in 1960., until he sold the illusion with sole performing rights to Randall Wolf in the U.S.A. in July 2017.

The most baffling, bewildering, memorable, and entertaining illusion act of all time!
Theatre-goers talk for years about "that guy and the girl.... the three big cards....and the bare brick wall at the back of the stage!"

Granville Taylor's uncle said, "That's the best illusion I've ever seen.... and I've seen them all!"


Only in FAUST's Show could you see some of the superb illusions used by many of the past Masters of Magic, to whom FAUST acknowledges his gratitude for enabling him to stage the perfect magical performance of today, with a show that was different in style and presentation

FAUST was taught the art of staging a big illusion show by working in the theatre as stage assistant to MURRAY, and then with THE GREAT LYLE.

FAUST owned the original equipment and sole performing rights for many of the famous tricks and illusions of DEVANT, DE BIERE, MURRAY, LYLE, AMAC, SELBIT, CHRIS CHARLTON, CINGALEE, and ALI BEY. He owned, since 1960, Amac's giant three-card illusion "FIND THE LADY" with sole performing rights throughout the world, until he sold Amac's original equipment with sole performing rights throughout the world to Randall Wolf in the U.S.A. in July 2017. "Positively the Most Amazing Illusion Ever Conceived."

Programme Cover. Faust's Great Magic Show. Japan Tour 1976.


Seen in London, Paris, Nice, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Stockholm, St.Petersberg, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo, Eilat, Tunis, Algiers, Barcelona, Lisbon, Casablanca, Madeira, Anchorage, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Hiroshima, Naha, Taipei, Seoul, Djakarta, Surabaya, Port Louis, Durban, Capetown..........